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Vintage CB Rides

Customer: Joe Rademacher

His Ride: ’77 CB750F

Customer Since: 2013

Joe Rademacher’s ’77 CB750F

Joe Rademacher’s Story


This is my 1977 CB750F.

My Dad originally heard about this bike back in 1994 on a local radio show of people who had things they wanted to sell. My Dad asked if I’d go and take a look at it with him. When we got to the guys house he walked us around to the back yard where it was leaning against a 55gal drum and uncovered. The tank was leaking, seat was dry rotted, muffler rusted through and the rest was pretty much in the same condition. He asked what I thought and I told him not to waste his money, so he bought it anyhow!

He fixed it up the best he could and rode it for a couple years. At the time I had and still have an 1980 CB750F and I really started to dig the SOHC’s. So, I bought it from my Dad in 1998 and started to restore it!

I bought a brand new tank, seat assembly, side covers, muffler, headlight bucket and brackets, several gauges until I actually found a NOS tach in England and then a NOS Speedo here in the states. Rebuilt the forks, carbs and found some really nice rear shocks which I then had the springs powder coated black. So, after about $3k and then some this is what I’ve got.


Joe Rademacher


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