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Vintage CB Rides

Customer: James Gregory

His Ride: ’78 CB750K

Customer Since: 2014

James Gregory’s ’78 CB750K

James Gregory’s Story

Hey guys,

Just wanted to share my baby with you. I got her from the back yard of a guys house. I was going to look at buying his boat and saw the engine of a CB sticking out from an old decaying tarp. The rest is history, I went to look at a boat ended up at home later with a non running beat up CB.

She’s a 1980 CB750K with just a bit of a custom look. I Built the bike over the last few years. Has a Harley peanut tank with hand painted race number and patina.

This is my local cruiser for around the town and when its just too nice out, down to the beach. Has a Harley and Honda Frankensteined together exhaust. A few Yamaha R1 parts and other pieces and parts I had laying around the shop when putting her together. She’s a bear bones bike with tractor tail light with fog light for a head light, boat ignition and car horn all in all she’s a piece of art.

James Gregory


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