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Vintage CB Rides

Customer: Sean McDonald

His Ride: ’81 CB750K

Customer Since: 2013

Sean McDonald’s ’81 CB750K

Sean McDonald’s Story

Hi all at Vintagecb750!

This is our family friend’s 1981 CB750 I’ve been building him over the winter. He got it for cheap from a guy who got it from a high school auto shop or something, and it was ROUGH. When he brought it over, it was only running on one cylinder, and looked like garbage. As I’m only 16 I spent most of my days after school tearing it apart, fixing everything, and painting it all up nice.

I bobbed the front fender, handmade a fiberglass seat with the stock tail light and signals recessed into it, welded the steering stops, rebuilt the carbs, buffed out the cases, painted everything, found some used side panels, did a lot of bodywork to them then painted and pinstriped them, bought a new Carpy 4-1, etc etc. Wanted to go for the cafe look.

I’m really happy I got this opportunity to build such a cool bike! The thing sounds amazing and I think it’s a pretty good looking bike. Couldn’t have done it without my 500$ parts order from vintagecb750.com!!!!

Thanks so much, Sean McDonald


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