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Vintage CB Rides

Customer: Arnel Koster

His Ride: ’79 CB750F

Customer Since: 2016

Arnel Koster’s ’79 CB750F

Arnel Koster’s Story

Hello Arnel Koster here,

I just bought this 1979 CB750F Super Sport from my brother in law (I felt sorry for it). It had been in the shop at the dairy for at least 10 years it has 20,951 original miles. It seems to be in very good shape overall. My 16 year old son Darren and I are doing this project together.

I bought a new battery and we fired it up actually, but she would not rev over 4,000 RPM. Now, we have taken the entire rear portion of the bike apart to get to the carbs and have started rebuilding them. Also, the rear brake is semi locked up and the front forks will need new seals We went to the local Honda shop yesterday and that will be it, nothing bad I just know we are going to need a bit more expertise than what the local shop can bring to the table for this project.

I will post more pictures as the we progress. It looks like it will be a blast to ride once we get it going.

Arnel-Tulare CA, front door of the Sierra Nevada range.


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