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Vintage CB Rides

Customer: Alex Vorderman

His Ride: ’71 CB750K

Customer Since: 2014

Alex Vorderman’s ’71 CB750K

Alex Vorderman’s Story


About 3 years ago, some buddies of mine stopped by my place around 1 AM after an evening of partying. As usual, our conversation turned into cars/boats/motorcycles. The motorcycle convo started with new Ducati’s and eventually came around to vintage Honda’s and how affordable they were to purchase and how easily you could convert them into a Cafe bike!

Instantly I hopped onto Craigslist to search the area. Within 45 minutes I found “THE” one. 2 hours south of my place in Indianapolis, IN. Naturally I got excited and texted him right away and to my surprise, he responded instantly! By noon the same day, I was in his driveway picking up my first and only motorcycle!

It was definitely a project bike as most of the modifications were VERY “half-assed” (EX. Velcro was holding the ‘seat’ down). To this day, it is and will always be a “project”, but no matter what, I love it to death!

I’ve spent WAY too much money on it but yet I don’t have plans of stopping any time soon. VintageCB750.com has always been my go-to for parts. I always check here first to see if they have it, and even if I see it somewhere for slightly less, I still order my parts here because I know they will get shipped right away and without any issues!

Thanks for always being there for me! Right now, I feel like a little girl on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa to show with her new pony, as I await for my newest parts order to arrive!

Alex Vorderman

Fort Wayne, IN


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