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Vintage CB Rides

Customer: Art Salinas

His Ride: ’78 CB750K

Customer Since: 2011

Art Salinas’ ’78 CB750K

Art Salinas’ Story


This is my 1978 CB750K. I’m the original owner. I bought it in Savannah, GA, on the day that Pope John Paul the first died 30 days after being elected (that was the top news that day). I had just returned from a military assignment in the far east and was stationed at Warner Robins AFB.

I have pictures of my two babies on this bike. I now have pictures of my grandchildren and their mom on the same motorcycle.

Except for the side covers, tank new paint, the exhaust, valve job and new piston rings, it is original as the day I brought it home in August-September 1978 (not bored out). It accompanied me to Korea in 1988. No one told about monsoon and the frozen Korean winters! It now resides in my garage in San Antonio, TX with 50,000 original miles. Runs like new!

Art Salinas, Retired USAF


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