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Vintage CB Rides

Customer: Terry Hopkins

His Ride: ’74 CB750K

Customer Since: 2018

Terry Hopkins’ ’74 CB750K

Terry Hopkins’ Story


This is my Honda 750 sohc Block bored out to 836 CC bike..AKA Golden Rod Russ Collins did ton of them back in the day…74 block work and heads done in 1978.

It is a Bonneville motorcycle record holder (pending ratification from the AMA). Terry Hopkins in the 1000 M- C -F class at 109 mph. I do feel pretty good about it. The bike is faster, I am not.

Many thanks to all that helped me in this project, Steve Garn who I rode out with and who set up the bike and helped all the time, I could not have done this without his help and guidance. Stephen H. Stroup AKA Uncle Steve for all the help preparing the bike for the salt. Greg Rice of Greg’s Cycle who cleaned up and helped prepare the bike for the run. Scott Turner for safety wiring the bike, and all the guys at Dime City for help with all my racing gear, Herm Narciso pass the word to the guys. Lewis Cooke who fixed my clutch at the last minute, otherwise no record. A big thank you to all the Buell Brothers Race team, Ashley and Drew Woodford especially. A special thank you to Frank Motschko of the 750 SOHC forum for jumping in and tearing down the bike after we qualified for the record. Rev Jim for building a bike that everyone asks about. My wife Liza Netzley-Hopkins for putting up with me and encouraging me, to just do it.



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