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Vintage CB Rides

Customer: Erik Kersten

His Ride: ’75 CB750K

Customer Since: 2014

Erik Kersten’s ’75 CB750K

Erik Kersten’s Story

Hello fellow Honda fans.

I’m Dutch, living in the center of Holland nearby Amsterdam.

I bought this CB750K Four from 1975 about 35 years ago after she was really mistreated by her previous owner.

After I’ve had finished the total revision of the engine I stopped because we had a family expansion situation and lack of pocket money (sounds familiar?)

Resulting: Little or no time left for the 4-cylinder.

In the meantime the whole motorcycle has undergone a complete change.

The exhausts are not ready yet: will be a 4 in 2 turn-out system which sounds fabulous.

Having a turn-out side pipe on both sides provides a well-balanced, good looking bike.

Some features:

Cylinders and pistons: Big Bore Carbs: Honda F1 , Rear wheel: 17” front wheel: Harley; dual disc. , Special paint design: myself

Now I finally have time to finish it along with my cousin: Floris, who I have severely infected with the motorcycle disease.

Best regards,

Erik Kersten


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