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Vintage CB Rides

Customer: Curtis Turczak

His Ride: ’82 CB750F

Customer Since: 2013

Curtis Turczak’s ’82 CB750F

Curtis Turczak’s Story

Hello there,

It was in my 45th year when I decided it was time to pursue my passion for motorcycling, again. I had not bothered to acquire a bike license when I was younger, and in 2007, I discovered that the rules had changed. The graduated license program was now in effect. So in the spring of 2007, I graduated from that program on a Monday, and on the same evening purchased this little black beauty.

Jan, who I purchased it from for $2,400, had two other BMW’s that he was restoring. He had a tough time giving her up as his wife loved to ride on the Honda rather than the BMW’s, go figure. Jan had advertised the bike in the local bike trader for weeks with a whole lot of tire kickers but no real offers. I guess compared to all the other bikes in the trader at the time, this little CB must have been too much $$$$$ for its year. I would like to believe that she was waiting for me to get my shit together.

She, is a 1982 Honda CB750F Supersport, in near mint condition, and last year we celebrated her 30th B-Day!. When I sat on her for the first time it gave me shivers. That long black tank. Jan put the windshield on it because he said, “It’s just too fast, I needed something to slow it down a bit”. I replaced the drag bar with a black raised bar, which has saved my wrists, and the only other part on her that I think is not stock, is the 4 in 1 Yoshimura pipe, which by the way sounds so sweet.

I’ve put on about 1000 kms a year just ripping up the city streets, never going too far. Last year she got new skins and a carb job, but I’m thinking it’s time for some electrical work before I stretch it out on some longer trips. That’s how I came across the Vintage Honda CB750 web site. Until now, I’ve had trouble finding parts. The local Honda dealerships just laugh at me. That’s why they’ll never get my business!!! Anyway, very humbled to be in such good company, and I look forward to many more years of ripping up the roads.

Cheerio Curtis Turczak Winnipeg Manitoba Canada


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