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Vintage CB Rides

Customer: Piute Reyes

His Ride: ’77 CB750F

Customer Since: 2011

Piute Reyes’ ’77 CB750F

Piute Reyes’ Story


I Picked this up for $250.00, it has 10K miles on it and it is pretty much original except for a new back tire and customized side covers. I am looking forward to getting it out, just waiting for my next paycheck so I can get insurance. I have had my bike for 3-4 weeks. Here’s an interesting note, the previous owner put the floats in upside down.

I Plan on decking this bike out using Gold Wing parts,(I hope most will fit) but it’s a learning experience. In the past I had a 1985 CB650 which I Bought in 1987. It had almost no miles on it, I gave that bike to my sister.

UPDATE-November 2011

With the guys’s at Nabbles 750 forum and your parts my bike has come a long way. Well here she is all in her bad blacked out look. This is her 1st winter so she will look a lot different by spring. Thanks to you all at VintageCB750 and Nabbles 750s.

UPDATE-October 2012

She is all dressed up and ready for winter. Great summer, lots of miles thank you all for your help N sevice. She needs more electrical work as well as a fresh charging system with all the extra’s, fog lamps, cigg lighter and gauges. Some of these have been collected while others I will get as time allows.

God Bless ,

Piute Reyes


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