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Vintage CB Rides

Customer: Daniel Schultz Fontaine

His Ride: ’78 CB750F

Customer Since: 2022

Daniel Schultz Fontaine’s ’78 CB750F

Daniel Schultz Fontaine’s Story

Hi guys, Daniel “Schultz” Fontaine here writing to you from Sherbrooke in southern Qu├ębec.

This is my CB750F Supersport 1978 bought $600. in the early ’90s. It was stock black and orange then,but in 2004 was totally undressed to become customized in gold color all done by myself in my basement. Owner before me made that bike become a beast by polishing the cams so the intake valves get open longer to get more fuel in the cylinders. Pretty mad. He also drilled the disc brakes with many holes to get them to cool faster…. He escaped police chases and won races over ninjas and interceptors, but I am not that crazy…

That monster is still working well, and turns heads each time I roam it on the road and is one of the rarest superbikes still alive here in Canada.

Pretty proud of the work done.

Keeping the world on two wheels,

Dan “Schultz” Fontaine, Sherbrooke, QC


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