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Vintage CB Rides

Customer: Michael Peiper

His Ride: ’75 CB750K

Customer Since: 2018

Michael Peiper’s ’75 CB750K

Michael Peiper’s Story


Here are my 2 bikes

The dream is a 1965 305 dream touring see CA77.

It was a one owner Bike that was in a basement in South Dakota for over 45 years. Everything on the bike is original with the exception of the seat cover and grips and of course Firestone coker tires. It has also been painted basic black with the exception of the forks, frame and back fender which still remain original.The reason the dream survived is that by the time a younger brother was ready to ride it, the CB 750 had been introduced in America. At that time nobody wanted to ride the Old fashion uncool Dream. You could not sell them or give them away because nobody was interested. Now once again they are being appreciated for what they are early Honda History

my CB750 is a 1975 K5. It was a two owner bike and had not been on the road since 2005. It is painted a 69-70 color Honda candy blue. It too is 98% original. Thanks to vintageCB750.com it is out and running again as it should be. Some of the things I’ve updated were both left and right switch housing’s, grips, clutch plates and clutch springs. Also, the original style gold tank scallops and the information decals were purchased from vintageCB750.com. It is great to see how many people remember fondly and cherish these old Honda’s when they’re out driving down the road. I am going to give these two bikes to my son and hopefully keep them alive and running for years to come.

Mike Peiper, Brandon South Dakota


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