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Vintage CB Rides

Customer: Keith Lariviere

His Ride: ’79 CB750L

Customer Since: 2017

Keith Lariviere’s ’79 CB750L

Keith Lariviere’s Story


Here is my 1979 Honda CB750L 10th Anniversary Limited Edition. It’s all original except for the exhaust though I still have the original 2 into 2 pipes.

I purchased the bike used in 2012 from a gentleman in NH who bought it from the original owner several years before. It had approximately 11,000 original miles on it when I purchased it and I’ve since added just over 2000 miles.

As you can see from the photo the bike is in absolute beautiful condition. It turns heads everywhere I go and I get a lot of comments from people whenever I take the bike out. I love riding this bike though I try to keep the mileage down. From what I can tell there are not too many left out there in this condition.



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