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Vintage CB Rides

Customer: Craig Della Vedova

His Ride: ’73 CB750K

Customer Since: 2011

Craig Della Vedova’s ’73 CB750K

Craig Della Vedova’s Story

Hi Guys,

My 1973 Honda CB750 started it’s rebirth as a $100.00 sized basket case and during it’s rebuild it just got out of hand and now sports a 849cc big bore kit with a ton of engine goodies. A set of CR race carbs, and a polished stainless steel Yoshi 4 to 1 Header. Almost everything is powder coated, polished or stainless steel.

It went to it’s first bike show hosted by Dime City Cycles and The Sake Bomb here in St. Petersburg FL and took a first place in the café racer class!

I asked friends that rode it to help name this beast and “Adrenaline” was what came up. It now has 900 miles on the clock and seams to get faster as it breaks in. I think the name fits because when I’m riding this scary monster my “Adrenaline” is sure pumping !

This was so much fun I started it’s big brother, a 1000cc HONDA/GSXR that has already been named “Dramamine” just from the way it looks under construction. Story and photo to come when finished.


Craig Della Vedova
Sarasota, FL


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