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Series 1: Exhaust

USD$417.95 ea

4-1 Chrome Exhaust

Chrome 4-1 - MAC Products - U.S.A. Made
M.A.C. high performance 4 into 1 exhaust system with upswept megaphone feature centerstand retention, removable all steel baffle, ground clearance, easy access to oil filter and drain plug. High quality chrome.

Fits: Honda CB750K (1969-76)
Part #: 001-1401
USD$479.00 Set

4-1 ALL BLACK Exhaust System

4-1 ALL BLACK Sidewinder Exhaust system - MAC Products - U.S.A. Made.

The SideWinder Exhaust was made to gain crucial ground clearance by bringing the exhaust out on the side of the frame so in turn the bike could be lowered to make it more stable when racing. The system comes with 1.5" primaries and 2.25" collector, the muffler is a Straight Through Reverse Megaphone Muffler with Baffles. This is a great system if you are looking to get down and dirty at the strip!

Fits: Honda CB750K (1969-76)

Note: This set is all black the photo is to see the design only
Part #: 301-1401
USD$439.00 Set

4-2 All Black Exhaust

M.A.C. 4 into 2 Megaphone Complete Exhaust systems have centerstand retention, access to all service points, removable baffles and a high quality dura black finish.

Fits: Honda CB750K (1977-78)
Part #: 201-1509