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Vintage CB Rides

Customer: Wes Molenaar

His Ride: ’71 CB750K

Customer Since: 2015

Wes Molenaar’s ’71 CB750K

Wes Molenaar’s Story

Hello to all you fellow 750 Honda caretakers & collectors,

I purchased this 1971 CB750K1 in the fall of 1970. I crashed in 1981 into a 3/4 ton International pickup truck. He didn’t see me & pulled right out into my path as I was going about 65mph on a country road. I survived with only a broken leg even though I flew over the truck & ended up in a ditch.

The smashed bike sat for 30 years in my garage. I got the bug to restore it in 2000, just enough to ride it. Then, in 2011, I got serious & did a frame up restoration including engine teardown & rebuild. My old banana seat was shot so I installed my spare Harley Sportster seat on it.

The bike is far from perfect but looks nice enough to get a lot of attention when I ride it. Thanks to the fine folks at VintageCB750.com I have just replaced some parts that needed attention. It’s nice to see all the neat 750’s featured on this website & I am honored to be able to add mine to the collection !!

Wes Molenaar St. John, Indiana


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