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Vintage CB Rides

Customer: Lee Neville

His Ride: ’74 CB750K

Customer Since: 2015

Lee Neville’s ’74 CB750K

Lee Neville’s Story

Hi there,

Thought I would send a brief email to you folks about my project 1974 CB750. The build blog can be viewed here:


You folks at VintageCB750.com have been instrumental to my progress on this resto-mod.

We’ve been tinkering along all winter on the carburation and come spring, we’ll give this machine a right proper thrashing. We call her “Pretty Penny” - partially a wry nod to the cost incurred (actually its been quite modest) and to the fact I’ve jb-welded a ‘74 Canadian penny into the recessed center of the Joker Machine steering head nut.

I think it will be an evolving project - my daily riding machine is a BMW R1200ST - all the serious miles get done on my “Ilsa - Der Bavarian Flyswatter”. Then when home its wonderful to have the luxury of having a project machine to break my knuckles on and to ponder/squint and go “Ah-hah” as the aesthetic machine inspiration hits.

Again, I couldn’t have done this without all the parts and supplies sourced from VintageCB750



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