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Vintage CB Rides

Customer: David B

His Ride: ’80 CB900C

Customer Since: 2013

David B’s ’80 CB900C

David B’s Story


This was originally a US bike that was imported into Canada in the late 90’s. The owner thought the motor had developed a main bearing issue and left it sitting and his garage for over 10 years as a basket case that he had given up on after pulling the bike apart. I originally bought it as a parts bike, as I restore the 1980’s CB 900’s and CB 1000 Customs as a hobby.

The more I looked at the bike and the low mileage, I decided to pull the starter clutch to see if there was a problem in this area. The 1980 model had an issue from the factory where the starter clutch bolts were not Loctited into the starter clutch assy and worked loose and sometimes developed a noise that resembled a main bearing knock. This was the problem with the motor and after some patience and parts and reassembly this bike runs amazingly tight as a low mileage original example of a 1980 CB 900 Custom.

The Vintage CB 750 site has been instrumental in supplying various parts from hard to find carb pieces to a great selection of bolts and gaskets that these restorations require.


David B


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