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Vintage CB Rides

Customer: Dane Clark

His Ride: ’74 CB750K

Customer Since: 2017

Dane Clark’s ’74 CB750K

Dane Clark’s Story

Hey guys,

My stepfather passed this past Feb,2016. He had this 1974 Honda CB750K. It had been sitting outside under a shelter since 1992.

He often told me, All it needs is a rear tire and a battery. Well I did replace the rear tire, the battery, the exhaust, the plugs, powder coated wheels, replaced fork tubes, rebuilt the carbs that were so corroded the floats wouldn’t move, replaced front tire, regulator, the rear lights, moved the turn signals, a new chain, rear brakes, now working on front.

I had a Hell of a time finding a tank, I have had the worst luck with the tank, not being a painter, I gave up after spending around $500 and couldn’t get a satisfactory finish. Then it leaked a couple times. finally I ordered a tank from guy in MN. But when I got it, it was not the right color. I sent him 3 tanks showing what freedom green metallic looked like, he still painted it wrong? Go figure, then I dropped the bike and screwed that $750 tank up. Anyway Here is a picture of where I am at.

Dane Clark


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