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Vintage CB Rides

Customer: Paul Francescutti

His Ride: ’80 CB750C

Customer Since: 2011

Paul Francescutti’s ’80 CB750C

Paul Francescutti’s Story


My name is Paul,

As far as the bike in the picture… originally, I found it for a friend of mine at Wagner’s Small Engines in New Hamburg, Ontario in 1997. My friend kept it ‘til last year when he sold it to me for $700… certified.. It has 42k on it. I knew it was a good bike and well looked after. I haven’t done a thing to it yet.

Last year was my first year back on a bike after many years away. I’m still not used to traffic, so I have restricted most of my rides to Sunday mornings dodging Mennonite Buggies.

But I have a taste for the road again. In the early 70’s and 80’s BK (before kids) my wife and I would ride all over North America. I seemed to be able to sit in the saddle all day. No windshield, no radio, just me and the wind.

So, I’m planning on doing US highway 62 this September. You exit the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls, hop onto US62… and without the need of a map… you end up in El Paso, Texas. It’s the only east-west route between Canada and Mexico.




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