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Vintage CB Rides

Customer: Dan Alvarez

His Ride: ’50 1981

Customer Since: 2015

Dan Alvarez’s ’50 1981

Dan Alvarez’s Story

Hello Vintage CB,

This is my 1981 CB750C Custom w/fairing. (20k miles) I bought it in October 2014 from the original owner who purchased it brand new 34+ years ago while stationed in Germany in the Air Force. (Still has DoD parking badge and Air Force keychain). Rode it all across Germany & Europe in the 80s, had it crated and shipped back home as ‘furniture, love seat’ free of charge from the military, then spent the last 2 decades being ridden around suburban Chicago while slowly being neglected.

Just cleaned the rust out of the tank and carbs, installed new ignition coils w/tune up and soon, new Michelin Commander II tires. Plan on removing the fairing and replacing with smaller bullet fairing. (The large fairing is growing on me though). Also plan on replacing the rear tail light/turn signals for something more aerodynamic but not bullet sized. Road trips coming soon! (I hope)


Dan Alvarez


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