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Customer: Joel Mikulyak

His Ride: ’81 CB750C

Customer Since: 2015

Joel Mikulyak’s ’81 CB750C

Joel Mikulyak’s Story

Hello Vintage CB750.com,

Having take NJ’s motorcycle rider safety course, and receiving my license in March of this year, I’ve been itching all summer to buy a bike. After talking with my fiancee, we decided to wait until next Spring to purchase one. About a month ago, I got out of one of my graduate classes, and met up with a couple friends at a local restaurant for a drink and a bite to eat. After about 45 minutes, I called my fiancee asking why she hadn’t arrived yet, only to be told she had a flat and wouldn’t make it. She was being fairly stubborn about me picking her up and refused to take an Uber to the restaurant, so I got off the phone and grumbled. This is when one of our friends suggested just going to our place to hang out for a bit. I agreed.

My friends rushed off and I arrived about 5 minutes after them, tired and frustrated that things hadn’t worked out. As I opened the door to my apartment, I saw this 1981 CB750c sitting in my living room (and filling it with that hot bike smell)!!!

As it turned out, she contacted the guy I was thinking of buying the bike from, told me we should wait, and was sneaky enough to get it into the apartment without my knowledge. She even bought a cover for it.

Now I have an awesome bike to go along with an awesome woman!



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