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Vintage CB Rides

Customer: Neil Saund

His Ride: ’85 CB700SC

Customer Since: 2014

Neil Saund’s ’85 CB700SC

Neil Saund’s Story


This is my 1985 CB700 SC. I bought it for $1,000 from my friend’s brother. He was the original owner and kept it garaged. I got it with 18,000 miles, it now has about 20,000.

It’s all original, including the tires. I’m thinking about replacing the tires soon, just for safety. The only thing wrong with it is a broken plastic turn signal button. I would like to make an aluminum replacement with a setscrew.

The coast of Southern California has some scenic highways. This summer, I am planning to do some rides, bringing it up PCH to Malibu and beyond. Maybe you will see me at the Rock Store or Neptune’s Net. Riding the roads of the Santa Monica Mountains is a blast on this bike.

I want to keep it original, except for a custom made seat and maybe a larger windscreen. It could use a complete fluids change and some detailing. I put a new battery in it and got a tune-up. Now it runs great.

Neil, Los Angeles


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