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Vintage CB Rides

Customer: Curtis Scarrow

His Ride: ’75 CB750F

Customer Since: 2014

Curtis Scarrow’s ’75 CB750F

Curtis Scarrow’s Story

Hey guys, Here’s some pics of my bikes from last year, first a 1975 CB750F Supersport, w rear sets done in a metallic blue and second a 1971 CB750K which was restored to stock with hok Candy Gold.

I live In Saskatoon and restore rods, rags n rides, in addition to vintage guitars, and tube amps. Been restoring old jap, british and american bikes of all kinds for 15 years.

Here I became known as the “victoria ave” bike guy having as many as 20 bikes at my home. It was then That I had to explain to the sheriff that this was not a business but merely a hobby that had gotten seriously out of control.

Currently I’m doing a 1976 cafe custom CB750F, a 1973 CB750K, and a 1971 CB750K and will be placing my orders soon to help out with these restorations


Curtis Scarrow Saskatoon,Sk aka rodsragsnrides


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