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Vintage CB Rides

Customer: Russ B (Submission 2)

His Ride: ’78 CB750F

Customer Since: 2011

Russ B (Submission 2)’s ’78 CB750F

Russ B (Submission 2)’s Story


This is Russ B writing you again and sending you this update to my last submission for my stock CB750F 1978 (The original submission can be found among the past featured rides under “Russ B’s Story”) at that time it was a fully stock bike I bought off ebay.

I said in my feature I was going to cafe the bike out a bit. I thought your customers might like to see how an original stock bike changed over to a cafe styled custom might look.

Things I’ve done to it are added drag bars, ghost flame paint job, polished the side cases, gold allen head screws to the engine, gold painting calipers and kickstand, cafe style fairing, gold steering damper, cafe seating, gold hand grips, mac slip-on exhaust, chrome rock guard and the brakes were totally gone though and updated with new parts and dot4. You can say from me “Vintage CB750 got my ride looking just the way I wanted it to.”

The only things left to do for this spring are putting on the new Honda badges and a gold drive chain. The bike still has only 12,000 original miles and runs like it’s brand new. It’s a great bike.

I’m thinking of doing a cafe cb750 custom for the next project.




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