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Vintage CB Rides

Customer: John Basile

His Ride: ’77 CB750K

Customer Since: 2011

John Basile’s ’77 CB750K

John Basile’s Story


I was shopping for a CB model Honda when I came across this 1977 Honda CB 750K. Most older Honda’s are chopped up and without a valid Title. Parts bike to say the least.

This was not the case here. With the exception of a Vetter fairing that has been removed the motorcycle was completely stock right down to the owners manual under the seat and stock exhaust. 23614 original miles.

I started from the back and working my way forward. The biggest job is just cleaning everything as the motorcycle sat for a few years. At this time the rear end is done. Carburetors are being rebuilt and the entire front end will be next.

Many parts are being replaced and the folks at Vintage CB have been great. Many items in stock, fast shipping and great customer service. Enclosed is the latest picture of the project.

Thank you.

John Basile


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