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Customer: Richard Hendrickson

His Ride: ’81 CB750F

Customer Since: 2011

Richard Hendrickson’s ’81 CB750F

Richard Hendrickson’s Story


Just wanted to send a photo of my 3 CB’s, (2) 1981 Honda CB750F Supersports and a 1981 Honda CB900F Supersport.

The 2 F’s I purchased together from a gentleman who had too many
projects. They both were in good condition but had not been ran in
over 20 years. Ronnie has 15,400 miles on it and Black Knight II has
20,500 miles on it. Within a week I had both bikes in running order,
and each bike has a character of it’s own.

The bike with the all black tank “Ronnie” I painted the tank with spray cans which came out pretty well. Ronnie is rock steady with good all around running characteristics, but not neck breaking acceleration.

Black Knight II (the other 750F) is like a beast waiting to pounce. It has good low end acceleration, but if you twist the wick the beast within jumps out and will scare you if you aren’t prepared for it.

The silver 1981 Honda CB900F Supersport “Viper” I purchased from a
local owner here in Rochester, MN, and this bike has gone through the mill. It has over 65,000 miles on it and was flipped 8 times by the
PO. It has been rebuilt but is in need of some TLC. I bought the
bike in non running condition, and after replacing the DYNA pulser
unit with a factory unit the bike is running now. The exhaust headers need to be replaced (they were crushed in from the accident) as it
causes a lean mixture and it backfires. I will be looking to replace
the exhaust so we may be doing business on a 4 into 1 exhaust on this one!

I look forward to being a loyal customer.

Richard Hendrickson Rochester, MN USA


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