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Vintage CB Rides

Customer: Austin Thornsberry

His Ride: ’80 CB750C

Customer Since: 2016

Austin Thornsberry’s ’80 CB750C

Austin Thornsberry’s Story


This is my 1980 CB750 Custom. I got this bike from a guy who pulled it out of an old barn.

I went through everything on it. Starts right up and runs great. Carbs are synced with aftermarket pods. I changed out the mirrors, grips, handlebars, replaces the seat cover, put a new +1 racing clutch in it, painted the exhaust black and wrapped the front half in black wrap, painted the tank matte black and the emblem gloss black, touched up the frame. New sprockets and chain, new gauges on the way, replaced the side covers with black bandanas, new tires and brakes, new tail light , turn signals, and license plate mount new levers and brake master cylinder along with new brake cable, polished up the engine, and painted everything black that I could. I’m probably forgetting a lot but you get the picture.

Basically a brand new bike. Turns heads and gets questions asked about it everywhere I go.

Love this bike!


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