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Vintage CB Rides

Customer: Terry Oldroyd

His Ride: ’76 CB750F

Customer Since: 2011

Terry Oldroyd’s ’76 CB750F

Terry Oldroyd’s Story

Hi Guys,

Just thought I would share this project with you. I’m an Expat Brit, Cockney from East London living here in Southern California. I came here from the smokey when I was 21 years old in 1989.

This is my first build and I paid $200 for it last year on a Thursday and dragged it home as it was to be junked on Friday. It was rotting on the side of someones house in East LA and hasn’t been run since 1983. Fired her up for the first time in 28 years and she sounds amazing.

Its an 811cc, with a few creature comforts like “forbidden” gps, cigarette lighter/trickle charger/ipod jack. Bits and bobs are from 70’s chopper parts, XS650 controls, Honda 175 dirt bike brake stay, various years CB’s, Harley rear wheel, unknown to her, my wife’s veggie strainer is now providing protection for the brake light.

Cafe racer to me means no rules so there you go!….

Hope you like it!


Terry Oldroyd


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