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Vintage CB Rides

Customer: Jean Decary

His Ride: ’73 CB750K

Customer Since: 2014

Jean Decary’s ’73 CB750K

Jean Decary’s Story

Hello Vintage CB 750,

I have just terminated the transformation of my Honda CB 750K 1973 into a Brat Style 2013 customized model.

I first bought the bike in 2008. I could have either gone in two different directions: back to it’s original form and Japanese style (didn’t have all the pieces); or transforming it into a customized one à la Café Racer. I chose the latter.

I started out working on it this winter. I had no mechanic knowledge whatsoever. I bought the Clymer book, studied it and spent a whole lot of time surfing the Web for information.

Roughly six months later, and a couple of dollars lighter, I am the proud owner of this simple, yet so effective, machine. My ride is unique.

Thank you guys for swiftly providing me with so many key pieces.

Jean, who’s gladly doin’ the ton in Montréal.


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