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Vintage CB Rides

Customer: Scott Clark

His Ride: ’78 CB750A

Customer Since: 2011

Scott Clark’s ’78 CB750A

Scott Clark’s Story

Hello again my extended honda 750 family, Brothers and Sisters.

I am at it again…I acquired a real diamond in the rough 1978 honda 750A Hondamatic with 19,000 miles on it, but sad to say it was parked under a tree for a few years.

I have my other 1978 750K that I finally finished after a year and soon to be shown on here.

I bought this girl for $300.00 in a hole in the wall little town here in central Florida, in a little rundown building parked with other orphans waiting for a new home and new life. I plan on taking this one down to a complete frame up restoration, hopefully it will come out as nice as my 750K did. So this will probably take me about 2 years, parts are not all that plentiful for the 750A . So just a matter of time..as you can see in the photo this one will be a challenge. If any of you Honda lovers have any info of anykind for parts sources, resto info or anything pertaining to the 1978 Hondamatic Please drop me a line

[email protected]

If you have pics of yours send them to me. The guys here at vintageCB750 totally rock!!

Be safe out there My good friends.

Scott Clark

Apopka, Fla


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