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Customer: Johnny Van Rooyen

His Ride: ’71 CB750K

Customer Since: 2014

Johnny Van Rooyen’s ’71 CB750K

Johnny Van Rooyen’s Story


This bike was purchased new in 1971 and was ridden until 1983 when the motor seized. It was then stored in a shed and later taken outside in the garden and left under an Oak tree for about 8 years.

One afternoon we met a bloke in the local pub and got chatting about bikes…and the guy mentioned that he had a 750K. As my father had the same bike when he was 20 years old, we took the opportunity and purchased her becoming the proud second owner. We stripped her down and restored her from the bottom up and is as close to original as we could possibly get it.

Since completing the restoration a year ago we have won a few shows, ridden about 3000km and enjoyed every minute.

Thanks to VintageCB750 for the great service and quality products. Now for the next project a 1976 GL1000.

From Johnny van Rooyen (Johannesburg, South Africa)


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