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Vintage CB Rides

Customer: Ian

His Ride: ’70 CB750

Customer Since: 2016

Ian’s ’70 CB750

Ian’s Story


Thought I might send a picture of my Chopper that I am restoring.

I purchased cheap off a work mate who had it in his shed for over 30 yrs in bits and was rather corroded and pile of bits.

I have placed an order for mini speedo etc, cables and mirrors and could not decide which instruments would suit so hope black faced ones will be ok as quite liked the white faced micro type as well.

Honda 750 choppers are never seen where I live and will be registered on historic club plates with our local vintage and classic bike club as to fully register is a lot of hassle as would now need to be fully engineered inspected and we have some silly laws to comply with [E certified lights for example]

Not too difficult but costs heaps to just rubber stamp where as club rego is the clubs problem to inspect and if pre 75 even more simple and you get 60 days use plus any club event for 1/4 of the price.

Only hassle is if you have some one long in the tooth that objects to bike being considered a classic but in our club every one was happy with it and is a good example of what was done in the 70’s.

I also have a 1976 Yamaha RD250 2 stroke and an extremely rare 1928 BSA 1.74hp 2 stroke just to even things out.

Hope the bike is of interest as have purchased several items in the past and soon will be complete. Thanks Ian .

Nowra. NSW. Australia


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