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Vintage CB Rides

Customer: Scott Clark

His Ride: ’78 CB750K

Customer Since: 2011

Scott Clark’s ’78 CB750K

Scott Clark’s Story


My name is Scott Clark, I live in Apopka, Florida and this is my baby 1978 Honda 750k with approx 4544 miles on the meter.

I picked this beauty up from a local police officers in laws. It was stored in a basement in Alabama for about 32 years and I purchased the 750k for $1200.00, plus the seller delivered the bike to me from Alabama.

I have spent several months going over this bike with a fine tooth comb from top to bottom and side to side replacing anything and everything I could, to finally finish it, in fact I have never ridden the bike as of yet.

What you see is pretty much all original, the only changes made were the exhaust(which I did not do). I had the valve cover powder coated, and the ONLY major change I made was to retro fit a 1987 gold wing coil on it, so I could use after market coil wires. The tank, seat and side covers are totally original.

I am glad to share my baby with my fellow brother 750 riders!!!!! My bike also came with the original owners manual, first registration, key and complete perfect tool kit under the seat. I also found a 1978 sales brochure for it which is now framed. The inside of the tank was perfect and so were the carbs when we cracked them open.




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