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Vintage CB Rides

Customer: John DeMaria

His Ride: ’77 CB750K

Customer Since: 2011

John DeMaria’s ’77 CB750K

John DeMaria’s Story


The 1977 CB750K is my most recent restoration. I built it from a freshly powder coated frame. The engine has the top end freshened, new pistons and rings and all gaskets and shaft seals replaced. The best parts include the perfect original 4-4 pipes. With new wheels and tires, it really is an attention getter. I gear it up a few teeth on the rear sprocket and it gets around pretty nicely too.

We also have a ‘74 (currently under restoration)and a ‘78 CB750K. My wife has a perfect ‘77 CB400F and ‘78 CB550K. For longer trips, we have a pair of 2008 Kawasaki KLR650. My lawn tractor sounds better, but the KLRs really are reliable, AND the deal of the decade!

Cheers, John DeMaria


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