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Series 1: Fuel System

USD$34.95 ea

Haynes Fuel Systems Techbook

Haynes Fuel Systems Techbook.

This techbook covers all carburetor types, along with fuel injection, from the basic theory to practical tuning. It goes over how fuel systems work and are tuned to suit all engine conditions. Clearly presented text is fully illustrated with photographs and diagrams. Step by step pictures show precisely how to perform many tasks.

Featured Section- gas flow, fuel and combustion chemistry, carb construction and overhaul, fuel injection theory, adjustments and settings, fuel pumps, sensors and catalytic converters, intake and exhaust systems, variable geometry, turbochargers and superchargers, special fuels, fault finding, testing and tuning and a glossary of technical terms.
Part #: 61-0059
USD$12.95 ea

Carb Cleaning Tool Set

Carburetor Cleaning Tool Set. Includes 12 steel wire ends and a small file designed for cleaning nozzles and the tiny holes found in carburetor passages and jets.
Part #: 35-9125
USD$13.95 Set

Carb Cleaning Tool Set

Carburetor Cleaning Tool Set. Includes 20 steel wire ends designed for cleaning the tiny holes found in carburetor jets. Cleaning wire sizes range from 0.45mm to 1.5mm.
Part #: 35-9110
USD$19.95 ea

Carb Float Level Gauge

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Carb Float Level Gauge
Carburetor Float Level Gauge. Used to measure the float height between the float and carburetor gasket surface. It is important to make sure the float height is correct to factory spec when tuning your engine. Too little or too much fuel in the float bowl will negatively affect tuning results. Adjustable to fit most carburetors.

Adjustable Width: 16-78mm and Adjustable Height 0-40mm
Part #: 35-0043
USD$11.95 ea

Carb Float Setting Tool (1969-76 Models)

Carb Float Setting Tool. Use this tool to help set your floats with ease!

This pre-set float setting gauge is for the 1969-76K and 1975-76F Supersport models.

Fits: Honda CB750K (1969-76),
CB750F (1975-76) Supersport
Part #: 20-6510
USD$15.95 ea

Carburetor Adjusting Tool

Carburetor Adjusting Tool. Works with Mikuni or Keihin carbs. 11" long tool with a 8mm hex nut and screwdriver slot adjusting bolt. This combo design allows unlocking of the locknut, adjustments to the balancing screw and re-locking the lock nut in one step.
Part #: 35-0084
USD$69.95 Set

Carburetor Synchronizer Vacuum Gauge ~ 2,3,4 Cylinders

Carburetor and throttle body synchronizer kit for bikes with 2, 3 or 4 Cylinders. Makes synching your carburetor setup fast and easy! For use with Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki models (which typically have 5mm connections) that use sets of 2, 3 or 4 cylinders.

Includes 4 easy to read gauges, Mountable bracket, 180mm extensions - 5mm threads, 65mm extensions - 5mm threads,Necessary hoses, Dampening valves (included to help control needle jump) and instructions.
Part #: 35-0085
USD$44.95 ea

Portable Auxiliary Fuel Tank Tool

Portable Auxiliary Fuel Tank, for Non Fuel Injection Systems. Includes 4 Feet of 1/4" fuel line and an inline fuel valve with 1/4" inlet and outlet. Fuel capacity 2 Litres. For use when tuning a motorcycle with the gas tank removed.

Note: This tool is not to be used for long term fuel storage, for safety and to prevent accidental spillage, immediately drain gas back to approved long term storage container after use.

Part #: 35-9120
USD$24.95 ea

382pc O-Rings Kit with Plastic Case

382pc O-Rings Kit with Plastic Case. 30 different sizes included in mm's.

QTY---Width----Inside Dia.---------QTY---Width-----Inside Dia.

Part #: 35-0066
USD$29.95 ea

419pc O-Rings Kit with Plastic Case

419pc O-Rings Kit with Plastic Case. 32 different sizes included metric sizes.

QTY---Width----Inside Dia.---------QTY---Width-----Inside Dia.

Part #: 35-0067